How I Work with Therapy Clients

HHypnotherapy is a quick therapy compared to other counselling techniques; most issues can be dealt with in 4-6 sessions.

How does hypnotherapy work?


Hypnotherapy for is not a ‘magic wand’ that will work on your mind to rid you of your issues in one session.  It is a tool that focuses the mind to positive suggestions. Often the hypnotherapy I use in session is casual and just a closed eyes exercise of imagination.

Hypnotherapy with me combines NLP, CBT and talk therapy alongside hypnosis to help resolve any issues that may be having a negative effect on your life in some way.

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process between you and me; you will need commitment to the process and take responsibility for making profound changes.  In turn, I will be fully committed to you as my client, tailoring your therapy individually after each session so that you receive the best possible treatment plan and care.  I do not work from standardised scripts; everything I do is tailored individually to you, as each and every client is uniquely different.

In order that you receive the best possible care and success from our time together I will ask you to complete some questionnaires outside of the therapy session, this is so that I can review your responses and plan each session effectively and not waste our precious time together.

How I Work

In addition, I only offer single sessions for problems that can successfully be treated in 1 or 2 sessions.  For issues such as weight loss it would be impossible to provide a good and effective service after 1 session. It would be similar to getting antibiotics prescribed from your GP and only taking one pill!  So, some problems will have a package price for 4 hours as I believe that you need this level of commitment in order to succeed.

How do I know if I like you and will I feel comfortable with you?

I offer a FREE 20 minute initial consultation by phone; we can arrange a convenient appointment time for you to call me. If you like what I do and feel that you want to go ahead with therapy you have a couple of options:-
Or book a 50 Minute Initial Consultation and we can talk through your issues and make a plan face to face.
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Or, if you are happy to get on with some form filling, I will send you an initial questionnaire for you to complete at home before we begin our first therapy session.
Both options enable me to focus on your issues and design an individualised treatment plan ready for the first therapy session – no time wasting.

Please note the reduced fee of £50 for the Initial Consultation represents the fact that I have not planned or prepared for the session, it is a meet and greet and a time to complete the forms.  Subsequent single sessions are priced at £85.

My 1:1 therapy sessions last approximately 60-90 minutes; from experience, I believe that this is the time required to set up the session, ask any relevant questions, set goals and use hypnosis alongside CBT; I feel it is very important not to rush clients. If you opt for a package of appointments, the sessions may vary in length, however, you will always receive the minimum time stated for each package.


Your Chair

What are sessions like with me?  They are always interesting and progressive, sometimes emotional and profound but always seek to direct you towards positive change in a relaxed and supported environment.

After each therapy session we will agree tasks for you to complete at home before the next session.  These tasks are specifically designed to enhance the learning of the session so that you may benefit and progress effectively.

After each and every session I will email a report that will detail your goals, the session format, your tasking, next session date and relevant information for you to read or investigate.  I am happy for you to record the hypnosis session or for me to record and share with you via Dropbox.

I will be available to you by email whilst you are undergoing therapy.

For Clients that live a distance away



I offer Skype and Email Therapy for those that are unable to attend my practice due to distance or time constraint.  If you prefer to speak on the phone, that is absolutely fine. I like to think of this option as a fast track and ongoing top up service.  With that in mind it is priced for 30 minutes and easily bookable online.


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II use a multi-modal approach of therapies with my clients depending on the issue at hand enabling me to create individual and specific programmes for each and every client.

I prefer to focus on looking forward to the future and give clients the tools to effectively make changes that will allow them to realise their goals.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a major theory of therapeutic process and it makes the assumption that thoughts precede moods and that false self-beliefs lead to negative emotions and mood. Cognitive therapy aims to help you recognize and reassess your patterns of negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts that more closely reflect reality.  It helps you to achieve a realistic and adaptive representation of your world, including yourself, which you then act of accordingly.

It is a direct attempt to help you to identify any irrational, unrealistic and maladaptive ways of representing your world and your future, to choose more rational, realistic and adaptive ways of behaving.

Cognitive therapy accepts that it is not the actual world itself but people’s interpretation of it, the way they think, the assumptions they make and the rules and belief they hold about the world; this determines how they think and react.

The way in which you construe your world ultimately controls the way in which you behave, think and exist within that world. Being human you are not entirely logical or rational therefore will experience difficult feelings from distorted thoughts and beliefs. People inevitably do experience difficult situations within their life and even with a realistic outlook will be afraid or unhappy at times and this is normal.


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, a revolutionary approach to human communication and personal development.  Some people call it ‘the art and science of personal excellence’ or ‘the study of subjective experience’.  It offers skills in interpersonal communication and practical ways to change the way you think and behave.  My coaching sessions use a mix of NLP, Problem Solving Therapy and Assertiveness Training.


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing, a breakthrough therapy that is supported by evidence and research.  The therapy enables clients to heal from symptoms and distress that are a result of traumatic life experiences.  By allowing the memories and emotions to be reprocessed results in an alleviation of distress.  It is used to treat depression, fears and phobias, recurring nightmares, grief , PTSD, anxiety and even food cravings.

It is a simple tool that can be used alongside hypnosis or alternatively as a stand alone, content free therapy.

EMDR is not suitable for anyone with EPILEPSY.


EFT Emotional Freedom Technique involves the client performing a sequence of taps on various points on their face, hands and body whilst focusing on their issue. It is simple to follow and can be done as effectively by phone or skype as well as 1:1.

The EFT tapping points correspond to acupuncture points on our major meridians. The acupuncture meridians act like energy circuits conducting currents of energy. It is an emotional version of Acupuncture WITHOUT needles.

When we experience a situation that is overwhelming, an intense surge of energy in the form of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations rush through our bodies. The energy meridians and acupuncture points act like energy circuits conducting currents of energy. When these become disrupted or overloaded our system can ‘crash’ and this can cause emotional and physical discomfort and dis-ease.

EFT “taps” into our energy system to help to release and balance it, restoring the flow to keep it running smoothly. It is the attention and intention of the mind, rather than the tapping itself that releases the burden of excess charge trapped in the memory of the trauma.

It can be done content free, so a client’s issue or concern remain private and used in conjunction with hypnotherapy and NLP.


Metaphors of Movement

Metaphor Therapy works by engaging clients using personal metaphor at a physiological and neurological level they awaken to their own beliefs, reality and stuck points which in turn can trigger effective movement and change.

During these sessions, I steer clients away from their issue, suffering and told story and access what is actually preventing them from making positive changes via the elicitation of metaphor.


NVC Non Violent Communication – based upon the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.  Enables you to transform thinking, language, moralistic judgement to improve and enrich relationships and resolve conflict whether in the home environment or in the work place.


TA Transactional Analysis – is a useful and widely applied model of communication.
Transactional Analysis (TA) is a very useful and fascinating framework for analysing the behaviour of both ourselves and other people. It offers some very useful insights into the impact of different behavioural styles on relationships between people. 

How I Work with Coaching Clients

Do you need some focus, direction and clarity in your home or business life?

Do you find that you are not fulfilled or achieving what you wish?

Is life passing you by?

My Life Coaching Sessions are tailored for you specifically and use a number of different therapies from NLP (looking at how you communicate), NVC ( communicating with intended resolution) Problem Solving and Goal Setting to get you back on the right track so that you can make the right steps to reach a goal.

Coaching near Winchester

We consider your underlying beliefs, values and needs and identify if they are being met.  Often it is because you are not fulfilling these that leads to imbalance and unhappiness in your life.

Sessions look at what you are struggling to achieve and puts in place strategies for change easily and effectively.

My coaching is challenging, different and works to your inner strengths.

Coaching is flexible and adapted; you may experience walking coaching and experiential coaching or have a conversation over Skype that will enable you to push through any limiting beliefs or excuses.coaching via skype

Coaching prices and packages are varied, contact me to learn how I can help you.  Generally I work with clients for a 6 month period.


Let’s have a conversation.


Groups and Businesses

I run various workshops to with belief, identity, self esteem and inner confidence, anxiety and stress and Mindfulness. I have recently collaborated with Trethowans Solicitors and provided a New Beginnings Workshop at Hotel Du Vin, Winchester.

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